Gerald Whites
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Whites Jerry 234 years of experience at the Boeing Company in all areas of flight test. Project pilot on more than 20 different military and commercial aircraft certification programs from the KC-135 to the 747-8.  Flew the first flights of the E-6 Tacamo; UK/French AWACS; 767 AWACS; 757-200SF and 757-300.  Flew the last flight of the "Dash 80", the prototype aircraft for all Boeing jet transport aircraft.  Type rated in Boeing 707, 720, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777 and 787.  Expert in all phases of flight test including, handling qualities, flutter, aircraft performance, envelope expansion, propulsion systems, and stability and control testing.  Survived 2 major flutter incidents and safely returned the airplane to landing with 30% of the rudder and elevator missing.  FAA Flight Test Pilot DER  and a Test Pilot Mentor.  Chairman of the SETP/SFTE Flight Test Safety Committee.  Member of the NW SETP Chapter.  Presented papers at three Flight Test Safety Workshops and three SETP Symposiums.  Chairman of the 2012 Flight Test Safety Workshop. 

Area(s) of Expertise: Flutter, Stability and Control, Handling Qualities, Aero Performance, Propulsion, Human Factors, Flight Test Safety