2019 Flight Test Safety Workshop
 6-9 May 2019

Charleston Marriott

Charleston, South Carolina

Call for Presentations

“Data To Assure Success – the key enabler to Safety Assurance in Flight Test. Besides a test point that is “within tolerance,” how do we really know we’re executing our tests safely? The 2019 edition of the FTSW aims to explore processes, methods and data to “close-the-loop” on safety management and enable safer and more efficient test execution.”

Come join us in the Low Country for a deep dive on Safety Assurance in flight test. Arguably one of the more challenging aspects of a robust Safety Management System (SMS), the FTSW will provide a comprehensive look at methods to validate the effectiveness of risk mitigations – developed in planning and employed in the conduct of test.  The tutorial will lay the foundation, to include a review of SMS voluntary standards and the means by which flight test organizations should incorporate recommended practices to monitor the effectiveness of safety risk controls. Subject matter experts will also share their experiences with reporting tools and how to audit for success; these can help participants shape or enhance their Safety Management Systems.  We’ll also touch on data that helps keep us safe and efficient. To complement and reinforce the theme, we’d like to hear from test teams on their SMS Safety Assurance journey. Specifically, what discoveries (hazards) were made in test that were – or were not – sufficiently identified and risks not adequately mitigated. What metrics do your organizations use to measure safety performance and most importantly, provide critical feedback and awareness to the entirety of the test organization for continuous improvement? As a bonus, we will kick-off the FTSW with a scenario-based training module on emergency response and finish with a tour of the Boeing Dreamliner production facility!

Presentations should be limited to 25 minutes. Please send presentation/briefing proposals to the 2019 Flight Test Safety Workshop Chairman, Pete Donath via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you should have any questions regarding submitting an abstract please contact Pete Donath at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The deadline for abstracts is 11 February 2019 to allow time for appropriate consideration and inclusion in the program.



Hotel Information

Charleston Marriott
Charleston, South Carolina

170 Lockwood Boulevard
Charleston, SC  29403
Phone: +1 843-723-3000

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