Test Pilot Consultant
President, Flight Test & Safety Consultants, LLC

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Huete RodRodrigo J. (Rod) Huete is a Test Pilot Consultant and FAA DER, ex FAA with almost 14 years. Retired USAF test pilot. Flight Test Engineer in developmental testing of the F-15 and F-15 fighter pilot in Germany. Graduate of the USAF Test Pilot School; Air Launched Cruise Missile chase pilot at Edwards AFB; chief of the Airframe and propulsion Branch, F-16 Test Force, project pilot for the first F-16 major electrical system upgrade, the LANTIRN pod structural verification and the first military pilot to fly a Digital Electronic Engine Control (DEEC) on a fighter. Instructor pilot at the USAF TPS, lead instructor for high AOA and spins, triple rated in the F-4, T-38 and A-37. Special assistant to the Commander-In-Chief, US Southern Command in Panama, programmed the requirements for the C-27, and the Caribbean Basin Radar Network (CBRN). Director of Safety at Edwards AFB flying the F-15, developed/implemented the first ever T&E CRM program. National Test Pilot School (NTPS) instructor test pilot, assigned to Venezuela for the VF-5A/B avionics upgrade including a new weapons computer, a HUD and full air-to-ground and air-to-air gun weapons qualification. Primary FAA certification test pilot for all Bombardier jets; part of several multi-pilot evaluations introducing glass cockpits to Part 23 airplanes such as the Avidyne and Garmin G-1000. Lead Flight Safety Officer for the FAA Aircraft Certification Service, established the FAA Flight Test Risk Management process through FAA Order 4040.26; also the FAA lead for implementing the NASA/FAA Flight Test Safety Database. Type rated in the A-320, B-737, CRJ-100/200/700/900, Challenger 604/605, Challenger 300, Global Express; Seaplane and Glider rated. Two-time winner of the SETP Tony LeVier Flight test safety award (2000 and 2008). Flight Test Safety Committee (FTSC) Director. Multiple presentations at the FTSC flight test safety workshops and twice at annual SETP symposia. Chairman for the FTSC 2010 FTSW in San Jose, CA.