Complimentary Sheraton Arlington Hotel Shuttle

Sheraton Arlington Hotel Shuttle

Fee: Complimentary

Hours of operation:


6:30 AM - 9:30 PM

Contact: (817) 261-8200

Complimentary shuttle service to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport runs every hour on the half hour from the hotel. Transportation from the airport is arranged individually upon arrival by contacting the property directly.

To be picked up from DFW airport- the guest must call 817-261-8200, as we are not listed on the “Hotel Phone Board” at the airport; after they receive their luggage.  The operator will get the needed information & then give the guest instructions & an estimated time of pick-up.

To go to DFW airport, advance reservations need to be made at the front desk. We depart to go to DFW Airport once an hour, on the half-hour only. The guest must to go to the desk with their flight information to make their reservations.


For more information on the event and to register CLICK HERE!

Flight Test Safety Workshop - Hotel Cut Off Date Extended to 6 April

Test professionals, in the last seven years, we’ve had eleven(!) flight test-related mishaps, seven being fatal with twenty-two lives lost. It goes without saying that these tragic events have a tremendous and lasting impact to families, as well as to friends and colleagues of the fallen. These avoidable accidents should be considered a call to action for all of us in the flight test community. What can YOU do? Attend, and promote others to attend, the 2018 Flight Test Safety Workshop!

We are preparing an engaging workshop that takes a detailed look at Flight Test Risk Management. Learn/refresh critical thinking skills related to hazard identification and risk mitigation in relevant flight testing scenarios. We need your expertise and experience to elevate the discussion and ultimately, formulation of thorough hazard analyses that you can use in your test organization. Show your commitment to the test community and enhancing flight test safety by attending this workshop! Book your hotel today to take advantage of the discounted rate. Register for the conference ASAP so we can forward the pre-workshop survey and collate results that will aid our workshop discussions.

Thank you for your consideration and dedication to flight test safety!

CLICK HERE for additional information and to Register for the Workshop.

CLICK HERE to book your hotel prior to 6 April.

The Flight Test Safety Workshop Hotel Cut Off Date is Friday 6 April. If you have any intention of attending the workshop please book a room now because we will not be able to help you get one after the cutoff date as there are other local events that will fill the hotel. You can cancel up to 72 hours prior if you are unable to make it. 

Tony LeVier Flight Test Safety Award - Nominations Being Accepted

The Flight Test Safety Committee is soliciting nominations for the Tony LeVier Flight Test Safety Award.  Criteria and nomination information can be found HERE.  The deadline to submit a nomination is 30 March 2018.

New Flight Test Safety Committee Chairman Announced

At the conclusion of the Flight Test Safety Workshop in May, Mr. Jerry Whites announced that after five years of service, he would be stepping down as Committee Chairman. Whites will remain on the Committee and has "passed the stick" onto Mr. Tom Huff.

FTSC Jerry Tom 2017

(L-R) Jerry Whites and New FTSC Chairman Tom Huff

Checklists to Enhance Safety Article

Please click here to read an article by our recent 2017 Flight Test Safety Workshop Tutorial presenters, William Higgins and Daniel Boorman.

Or you may download the full detailed article here.


High Altitude Testing

Many, if not most, FAA Part 25 (Transport) aircraft want to get certified for high altitude airport operations. These operations put challenges on the aircraft in various ways that need to be tested and certified. This includes mainly pressurization systems and engine operations (starting and thermal issues). The FAA allows for 3000’ extrapolation of flight test data. The highest commercial airport is approximately 14,500’ so testing is desired at 11,500 or above. A commonly used major airport test location is at La Paz, Bolivia (13,325’). Testing at high altitudes presents some unique safety issues, mainly physiological, that I will discuss below.

FTSC's response to NTSB's report

In 2012 the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) published its final report on the Gulfstream G-650 accident.   The Flight Test Safety Committee (FTSC) was requested to respond to the NTSB’s recommendations from that report.  Here is the response from the FTSC.