Maurice Girard
Senior Engineering Test Pilot
Bombardier Aerospace

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  • Education:
    • BS Physics, U of Western Ontario, 1982
    • MS Aviation Systems, U of Tennessee Space Institute, 1998
    • USNTPS (Class 103)
  • Military Test Pilot Experience
    • Cold Lake, 1993-1996: Test Pilot - CF-18, Tutor and T-Bird aircraft. Project Officer/Pilot on Canada’s first Precision Guided Munitions (PGM)/CF-18 integration program. Program included GBU-24B/B Lateral Asymmetry Envelope Expansion and Flutter testing. Test Pilot on the STING (full body G-suit) program, including centrifuge runs up to 10 G. Completed CT-133 entire cockpit upgrade, responsible for design, development and field deployment.
    • Patuxent River, 1996-1999: F/A-18 Test Pilot – Completed numerous programs primarily involving Handling Qualities projects. Highlights include:Cold Lake, 1999-2002: Flight Test Ops Officer and Test Pilot – numerous weapons programs.       Highlight was involvement with modified CT-114 & CT-133 ejections seats – conducted 15 ejections out of the back of a modified CT-133 (the seat – not me!).
      • BOL Chaff Flutter program with various external stores.
      • Departure Demo (out of control) recovery development program involving hundreds of tail slide and zero alpha, full rudder departures.
      • First flights with the Fleet Support Flight Control Computer in conjunction with NASA Dryden on their F/A-18 SRA (Systems Research Aircraft).
  • Civilian Test Pilot Experience
    • Cessna, 2002 – 2012: Senior Engineering Test Pilot. Primary test pilot on the following Prototype aircraft: Citation Sovereign, Citation Mustang & Citation CJ4. Deeply involved in every aspect of the initial development and certification including, but not limited to: initial Envelope Expansion, Flutter, Deep Stalls, all S&C, VMCA, VMU, VMCG, Takeoff/Landing Performance, RTO’s, Propulsion, Avionics, and Icing (numerous “first’s” in each program).
    • Last position was Chief Pilot for the Citation Latitude and numerous Advance Design programs.
    • Bombardier, 2012 – Present: Senior Engineering Test Pilot – Currently Lead Test Pilot on new CSeries Flight Test Vehicle (FTV4), primarily responsible for all CSeries Performance development and Certification testing.
  • Total Experience
    • 7800+ total flight time
    • 70+a/c types
    • Previous FAA ODA UM/DER
    • Current TCCA DAD
  • SETP/Flight Test Safety Committee (FTSC)
    • SETP Fellow
    • FTSC Chairman 2010-2012
    • Flight Test Safety Committee Director 2005 - present, Workshop Chairman (2007 England, 2009 Ottawa, 2010 England),
    • 2010-2011SETP Board Member (Treasurer)
    • SETP Central Section:       Chairman (2003, 2004, 2010), Secretary (2005, 2006)
    • Numerous SETP and FTSW Session Chairman
    • Current SETP Foundation Board Member
    • Symposium/Workshop papers: numerous papers 1996 - present (Tenhoff Award, 1996, 2012)
    • Gerard Guillamaud European Flight Test Safety Award - 2013