Flight Test Safety Committee

The Flight Test Safety Committee (FTSC) was formed jointly in November 1994 by members of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP), the Society of Flight Test Engineers (SFTE) and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). These and numerous additional organizations presently comprise the FTSC. The purpose of the FTSC is to initiate and sustain a flight test related safety organization intended to promote flight safety, reduce the risk of mishap, promote risk reduction management and continually improve the profession's communication and coordination.

Pat Bearce, Boeing

Pat Bearce
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I graduated from USAF TPD in 1986 in Class 86A. My follow on assignment was as a KC-130 Test pilot and C-130 APM for Systems and Engineering at NAVAIR. During this time I was a project pilot pilot for upgraded JATO, Defensive systems, and multiple avionics systems upgrades. After retirement from the Marines in 1990, I was a pilot for Delta Airlines until 2004. From then, till I was hired by Boeing, I was involved in starting and obtaining an operating certificate for Cargo 360, a 747 cargo airline based in Seattle as a management pilot (Flight Technical). Following the sale of that airline, I was hired by Boeing in 2008.

My first test pilot assignment at  Boeing was in the  Military Derivatives group as a general test pilot. I transferred to Commercial programs in 2013 as the 757/767 Chief Pilot. Since employment at Boeing, I have participated full time in GTTA, E-737, FTB, E767, 787-8, 747-8, 747 Intercontinental and  production flight tests. My latest flight assignment was as the Lead Pilot of 787-9 #2 (ZB002) ATC certification project that completed in June 2014. Since 2012, I also have had the additional duty as Project Pilot for KC-46A with focus on ATC/STC and drogue aerial refueling. I am a Flight Test Pilot UM (DER) for the Boeing ODAs in Seattle and Oklahoma City and conduct certification flights on all Boeings commercial models.