Flight Test Pilot

RJ Schreiner

LtCol (Ret) Raymond (RJ) Schreiner has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah and served over 21 years as a Marine. He is an attack helicopter instructor pilot, a graduate of the MAWTS-1 Weapons & Tactics Instructor course, and a USNTPS graduate. In 2004, RJ was assigned to HX-21 at NAS Patuxent River and led flight testing of several AH-1W capability upgrades and also supported developmental testing of the H-1 Upgrades Program (AH-1Z & UH-1Y). From 2008 to 2012, RJ led H-1 flight testing at NAS China Lake with VX-31 and the H-1 WSSA  leading to the initial operational fielding of both the AH-1Z & UH-1Y. RJ also supported flight testing of several weapon systems including developmental flight testing that led to initial operational fielding of the APKWS laser guided rocket. RJ served as the MAG-29 Operations Officer at MCAS New River and later the I-MEF (Fwd) Operations Officer in Afghanistan. He also supervised complex employment of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). From 2014 RJ returned to USNTPS as a rotary wing staff instructor and taught syllabus events in the H-60 and C-12 aircraft. In 2016, RJ transitioned from military service and joined eVTOL startup Zee Aero where he developed and conducted the envelope expansion plan for Zee’s first manned eVTOL aircraft. In 2017, RJ piloted the first manned eVTOL aircraft from a precision vertical takeoff, transition from hover to wingborne flight, returning to a hover and precision vertical landing. RJ became the Chief Test Pilot (CTP) for Wisk (formerly Kitty Hawk and Zee Aero) and was responsible for leading flight test operations in Hollister, California and in Tekapo, New Zealand. In September of 2022, RJ became the CTP for Supernal where he is currently establishing an eVTOL flight test team and supporting design, development, and planning for full-scale eVTOL prototypes and other R&D flight test projects. RJ is owner/operator of a Long EZ experimental airplane, a member of SETP and EAA,. and he actively supports the eVTOL Flight Test Council, electric aircraft flight test committee. RJ’s FAA qualifications include commercial glider as well as instrument flight instructor in both airplanes and helicopters. RJ’s aviation and flight testing experience includes over 27 years of aviation, over 16 years of flight test, and over 5,000 flight hours in over 40 different aircraft models.