Larry Flynn Award Citation



Following a tragic flight test accident that resulted in the loss of four flight test professionals and a GVI prototype aircraft, gulfstream embarked on a journey to discover true causal factors, implement corrective actions and embrace a renewed focus on safety company-wide. The impetus for change came from then-company-president, Mr. Larry Flynn. Under his leadership, gulfstream   implemented the recommendations from the NTSB and conducted two external flight test safety reviews by teams comprised of highly experienced flight test professionals, several from this society. His leadership, and the corresponding efforts from his staff as well as the engineering and flight test teams, enabled Gulfstream to markedly improve its safety culture by creating a corporate safety office, along with advancements in technical tools, methodologies and process documentation. Concurrently, gulfstream was very proactive in conducting briefings to the flight test community to share accident lessons learned to civil, military, and industry forums; several conducted jointly with investigators from the NTSB. Mr. Flynn set the safety culture by fully committing to provide resources, openness, and support for flight test safety awareness and improvement both internally to gulfstream, and externally to the flight test community. His leadership, along with the efforts of his staff and those within engineering and flight test, in promoting enhanced flight test safety is to be commended and is richly deserving of the recognition afforded by the presentation of the 2015 Tony Levier award.