Giorgio Clementi Award Citation



Giorigo Clementi is the CEO and Accountable Manger for International Test Pilot School. He has overseen the operations of ITPS in Canada since 2001, working closely with both Transport Canada and EASA. During his tenure, ITPS has managed to set up and maintain a total commitment to safe flight test and flight test training operations. ITPS operates a fleet of 22 aircraft, most of which operate on Special Flight Permits. Giorgio‚Äôs leadership and commitment to establish and develop a dedicated Safety Management System, adapted to flight test and flight test training operations, whilst also meeting the requirements of both Transport Canada and EASA has been considerable. Giorgio is committed to total safety and ensuring best safe practices are maintained. His leadership in promoting a culture of safety, determination to employ best practices,  and total commitment to flight test safety make him a deserving recipient of this award.