FLIGHT TEST SAFETY WORKSHOP - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
29 - 31 October 2013

Session 1 “Lessons Learned” – Chair: Gerry Whites (Chairman FTSC)

Cockpit Displays of FTI Data to Increase Efficiency and Safety – A Look Back and Forward.
Jim Sandberg

Avionics Upgrades RNLAF (K)DC-10: Lessons Learned.
Lt.Col. Hielke Bosma (MAA-NL)

Gulfstream G650 Flight Test Accident.
Paul Donovan & Jake Howard (Gulfstream)


Session 2 “Flight Deck Design, Certification and Experience” – Chair: Bob Mulder

Information displays in Aerospace: Past, Present, and Future
Dave Carbaugh & Jerry Whites (Boeing)

Confusion on the flight deck.
Aldo Montanari (Air Seychelles)

Human Factors Certification of modern flight decks.
Gerard Temme (Certiflyer / EASA)


Session 3 “Novel Concepts” – Chair: Jim Sandberg

Evolving Rotorcraft Cockpit Designs.
Herb Moran (Augusta Westland)

Warning the pilot for PIO – a solution to avoid instability?
Marilena Pavel (ARISTOTEL EU Project)

Experimental HMI Integration for Flight Tests.
Jens Heider & Robert Geister (DLR)

Flight Deck Design and Flight Test of SpaceShipTwo.
Mark “Forger” Stucky (Scaled Composites)


Session 4 “Learning and Training” – Chair: Dieter Reisinger

Ecological Interface Design Principles.
Prof. Max Mulder (Delft University)    

Aircraft Controllability and Primary Flight Displays - A Human Factor Centered Approach. 
Knut Lande (Landavia Ltd.)    

Cockpit Development and Assessment, a Test Pilot School perspective.
Terts “Stevie” Van Den Berg (ETPS)