2 - 5 November 2015

Technical Session 1: Hardware and Program Experience
Session Chairman: Oliver Brieger DLR

Ralph Paul ‐ Head of Flight Test & Dynamics, Solar Impulse Hidden Surprises While Testing a Solar Powered Airplane
Moe Girard. Senior Engineering Test Pilot, Bombardier
CSeries Flight Test Program Update

Jerry Whites. The Boeing Company
The E‐6 Program Taught me the Realities of Flight Test

Robbs Hierl. Chief Test Pilot, German Military Flight Test Center
Near Miss on the Black Swan ‐ Wake Penetration Testing on the Eurofighter

Technical Session 2: Sofware and Program Experience
Session Chairman: Etienne de Malleray

Jean‐François Grandjean. TP Airbus Flight Test
A380 Electrical Flight Controls Testing Experience
Jim Richmond. Arrow Aircraft Certification Services
The Black Swan Not Found in Swissair 111 Entertainment STC

Gray Morrison. US Navy retired
Automated Systems Interaction

Technical Session 3: Wetware and Managing Safety
Session Chairman: Steve Daniels, ETPS

Ben Luther, T&E Safety Manager, Gulfstream
Risk Matrices ‐ Better Risk Analysis Through a Better Understanding
Christophe Schlueter, Safety Manager, Airbus Helicopters Flight Test
HFACS – Mastering the Wetware
Terry Lutz, Experimental Test Pilot, TLZ Aerospace Services
Safety Vaccination for a Small Test Program (Update)

Captain Steve Daniels, Test Pilot Tutor, Empire Test Pilots School
How Do We (and How Should We) Teach Flight Test Safety?

Technical Session 4: Wetware and Conclusions
Session Chairman: Dieter Reisinger, Austrian Airlines
Knut Lande, Landavia
Black Swans or Causes for Pilot Mistakes ‐ Aircraft Controllability ‐ Cockpit Design ‐ Flight Displays ‐ Basic Pilot Training
Rogers Smith, Unmanned Systems
Culture of Safety: Intangibles, The Emperor and My Take Aways