4 - 6 November 2014

Technical Session 1:  Risk Management - How we do it.

Boeing Test and Evaluations SMS - How we do it, Lessons learned, The future.
Erich Mahr, Boeing

Flight Safety at Flight Test Manching
Michael Vankann, Airbus Defence and Space

Marshall Aerospace Flight Test Safety Management
Claudine Maurin, Marshall Aerospace

Airbus Helicopters Flight Test Safety Management
Christoph Schlüter and Matthias Klein, Airbus Helicopters

Engineering Systems Inc. Safety Management Processes
Ryan Osteroos, Engineering Systems Inc.

Airbus Flight Test Safety Management
Etienne de Malleray, Airbus

Gulfstream Flight Test Safety Management
Paul Donovan, Gulfstream


Technical Session 2:  Lessons learned from incidents and accidents.

NLR Flight Test and SMS: what to measure?
Robert Tump, National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR), Amsterdam

Reflections on the morning's presentations.
Breaking the chain of unfortunate circumstances – in the very last moment
Josef Gietl, Airbus Defence and Space

Implementation of Safety Management System principles in flight testing
Kamil Kosacki, Jerzy Bakunowicz
Tomasz Rogalski, Rzeszow University of Technology


Technical Session 3:  Risk management of flight test campaigns

Kick the tire, catch the wire Test Certification Trials for two Emergency Arrestment Systems
Markus Rüdinger, Bundeswehr Flight Test Centre WTD61

Safety Risk Management during Flight Test of the F-16 Automatic Air Collision Avoidance System
Michael Pacini and Jessica Peterson, US Air Force

Enhanced FBI
Chris Worning, Airbus Defence and Space


Technical Session 4:  Future Challenges

Why do Smart Pilots Crash Smart Airplanes?
Leo Janssens

Risk Management for the flight test of an optionally piloted helicopter
Antoine van Gent and Volker Bau, Airbus Helicopters

Training and Automation - A Winning Combination
Rogers Smith, Smithaero